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Add goimports to Sublime Text 3

This should workin pretty much any version of Sublime Text, but I have only tested it in Sublime Text 3. I no longer use Sublime Text in my day to day Go development, and I instead use Atom. I’m hoping to eventually come back to Sublime Text, and I have toyed around with building a Go plugin for ST3, but as of Jan, 2018 Atom simply has better Go support with the go-plus plugin.

Revert Ctrl+E Shortcut in Sublime Text + Emmet

Learn how to disable the ctrl+e key binding enabled by the Emmet plugin for Sublime Text

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Jon Calhoun is a full stack web developer who also teaches about Go, web development, algorithms, and anything programming related. He also consults for other companies who have development needs. (If you need some development work done, get in touch!)

Jon is a co-founder of EasyPost, a shipping API that many fortune 500 companies use to power their shipping infrastructure, and prior to founding EasyPost he worked at google as a software engineer.

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