Queues - What are they and how do I implement one in Go?

In this video we cover the queue data structure. Specifically, we talk about how they relate to lines (like lines at the grocery story or DMV) in the real world, and some of the terminology used when describing a queue. We then move into implementing a Queue in Go, translating everything we just talked about into something that our program can understand and work with to achieve our desired results.

This post is part of the Let's Learn Algorithms series where we learn how algorithms work, see how to implement them, and then spend some time working on practice problems to reinforce that knowledge. This particular tutorial is part of the section on basic data structures where we discuss things like linked lists, queues, and stacks.

Historically these articles have all been text based, with video coming afterwards when I find time to record. In the data structures section and later posts I tried a slightly different approach; there aren’t any text articles, and instead there are only videos. If anyone is willing to help transcribe these I’d happily work with them to get the transcriptions published with the post, but I unfortunately haven’t been able to do this on my own lately.

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Previously, Jon worked at several statups including co-founding EasyPost, a shipping API used by several fortune 500 companies. Prior to that Jon worked at Google, competed at world finals in programming competitions, and has been programming since he was a child.

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This post is part of the series, Let's Learn Algorithms.

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