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What is SQL injection and how do I avoid it in Go?

SQL injection is a method used by hackers to attempt to trick your code into running arbitrary (read - REALLY BAD) queries on your database.

Querying for multiple records with Go's sql package

Learn how to query for multiple records using Go's database/sql package by querying for several users in a users table.

Querying for a single record using Go's database/sql package

In this article we cover how to query for a single record using Go's database/sql package, including handling the ErrNoRows error.

Updating and deleting PostgreSQL records using Go's sql package

Learn how to update and delete records with the database/sql package in Go. We also cover how to verify how many records were altered and return data from those rows.

Inserting records into a PostgreSQL database with Go's database/sql package

Learn to insert new records into a Postgres database using Go's database/sql package, along with how to get the resulting ID of newly created records.

Updating and Deleting records stored in a PostgreSQL table using SQL

A short tutorial that teaches how to update and delete records stored in an SQL database table using raw SQL statements.

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