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Show me your username and password requirements at login

This isn’t something I normally write about, but after the hundredth time creating an account with random password or username restrictions I am starting to lose my patience with companies. If you are going to require that my username or password have special characters, numbers, capital and lowercase letters, or anything else, show those requirements on the login page. No, hiding this information on the login page isn’t making your site more secure.

Cost of living adjusted salaries are terrible for remote employees

Imagine interviewing with a company for a position, performing well on the interviews, and finally getting a call with your recruiter only to have the conversation go like this: Recruiter: “Hi! I am calling because you did great during your interviews. Before we can continue, would you mind sharing with me what you currently pay in rent?” You: “That is great! I’m not sure why this is relevant, but our apartment is $2400/mo.

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Jon Calhoun is a full stack web developer who also teaches about Go, web development, algorithms, and anything programming related. He also consults for other companies who have development needs. (If you need some development work done, get in touch!)

Jon is a co-founder of EasyPost, a shipping API that many fortune 500 companies use to power their shipping infrastructure, and prior to founding EasyPost he worked at google as a software engineer.

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