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Testing API Libraries

Nearly all apps need to talk other apps via API. In many cases we end up writing those API libraries on our own, which means we need to come up with a reliable way to test that code. In this article we explore techniques and advice that make it easier to test and maintain API client libraries written in Go.

TDD is Not for Me

Test driven development is thought of as a practice every developer should adhere to, yet many of us privately struggle to be productive using TDD. In this article we explore some of the reasons why TDD isn't always a great choice and can hinder your productivity

Testing is Not for Beginners

Everyone keeps saying you should be testing, but are they right? In this article we discuss the downsides to trying to learn testing too early and how it can negatively affect your ability to learn to code.

How to test with Go

In this post Jon covers what a test is, along with how to write everything from a basic test to a more complicated test that requires custom setup/teardown.

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Jon Calhoun is a full stack web developer who teaches about Go, web development, algorithms, and anything programming. If you haven't already, you should totally check out his Go courses.

Previously, Jon worked at several statups including co-founding EasyPost, a shipping API used by several fortune 500 companies. Prior to that Jon worked at Google, competed at world finals in programming competitions, and has been programming since he was a child.

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