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Let's Learn Algorithms: Binary Searching for Case Insensitive Strings

Learn to implement a binary search where you can find strings regardless of their case when searching in a previously sorted list of strings.

Let's Learn Algorithms: Implementing Binary Search

This tutorial demonstrates how to implement an iterative (without recursion) binary search that can find a number in a sorted list of numbers using Golang.

Let's Learn Algorithms: An Introduction to Binary Search

This tutorial explains how binary search, works and then describes how it would be used to find a number in a sorted list with visual examples.

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Jon Calhoun is a full stack web developer who also teaches about Go, web development, algorithms, and anything programming related. He also consults for other companies who have development needs. (If you need some development work done, get in touch!)

Jon is a co-founder of EasyPost, a shipping API that many fortune 500 companies use to power their shipping infrastructure, and prior to founding EasyPost he worked at google as a software engineer.

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